Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Contact headdress / Crown

Following on from the whole contact art theme I thought we could do something different and create some headdresses / crowns using the same principal.

You can use whatever you like but we used feathers and buttons, 2 coloured strips of paper and a strip of contact (and sticky tape to keep it in place)

    1. Precut your strips of paper and contact. Make them roughly the same size although it doesn't matter if the contact is slightly wider. Probably a couple of inches wide should do it. You need to cut a couple of strips of coloured paper so that you can add a bit on to fit it around your child's head.
    2. Remove the contact backing and secure either end to your work surface (sticky side up).
    3. Decorate using buttons and feathers.
    4. Use your coloured paper strip to stick over the top of the buttons and feathers. The contact not completely covered by items will help to secure it to the coloured paper but push on it firmly.
    5. Run a bit of tape across the bottom and across the top of coloured paper if you think it needs it.
    6. Measure around your child's head and add the extra paper to the edge if required. Tape when you are happy it fits correctly.

    And now you are done. You can make all sorts of crowns or whatever using this method. Best of all glue free so relatively mess free! See another one below.... Good luck!

    Saturday, August 14, 2010

    Collage on contact

    These 2 collages were completed by my other twin son and were just amazing. At just turned 2 years of age Logan spent a good 2 hours creating these masterpieces. He did not leave a sticky spot uncovered. They were stuck directly to the face up contact and he was so attentive to the task that when he was finished he was most upset. I think he would have done another one to the same degree. They were a roaring success. I just put a pile of different odds and sods in a container and he helped himself to what he wanted. Where contact would be used with a 2 year old I would use paste on coloured card for older children. Very simple but very effective.

    Sunday, August 8, 2010

    Cardboard Tube Flowers

    Now cut out a piece of Green paper the right size to wrap around the cardboard tube. Cover the paper in glue and then roll the tube over it. If there is any excess cut it off.

    Cover the top edge of the cardboard tube in glue and then stick the first flower shape onto it. Press all around the edge of the top of tube so that it sits firmly.

    Add a second amount of glue to the centre of the first flower shape that you stuck on.

    Now attach the second flower shape but only onto the middle of the first shape.

    Add another layer of glue to the middle of the flower. A nice squirt here. We will attach 3 cotton balls to make the centre of flower.
    Another reasonable amount of glue squirted over the top of the cotton balls (don't use a brush as the cotton wool will stick to it and it will become a mess) then start sticking on some buttons.

    We finished it by cutting out a couple of leaf shapes and sticking it to the green paper covered cardboard tube. And that's all there is to it............done!!