Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Contact headdress / Crown

Following on from the whole contact art theme I thought we could do something different and create some headdresses / crowns using the same principal.

You can use whatever you like but we used feathers and buttons, 2 coloured strips of paper and a strip of contact (and sticky tape to keep it in place)

    1. Precut your strips of paper and contact. Make them roughly the same size although it doesn't matter if the contact is slightly wider. Probably a couple of inches wide should do it. You need to cut a couple of strips of coloured paper so that you can add a bit on to fit it around your child's head.
    2. Remove the contact backing and secure either end to your work surface (sticky side up).
    3. Decorate using buttons and feathers.
    4. Use your coloured paper strip to stick over the top of the buttons and feathers. The contact not completely covered by items will help to secure it to the coloured paper but push on it firmly.
    5. Run a bit of tape across the bottom and across the top of coloured paper if you think it needs it.
    6. Measure around your child's head and add the extra paper to the edge if required. Tape when you are happy it fits correctly.

    And now you are done. You can make all sorts of crowns or whatever using this method. Best of all glue free so relatively mess free! See another one below.... Good luck!

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