Monday, September 6, 2010

Clothes peg or Clothes Pin Flower Fairy

I was watching a program on the weekend that had an author featured.  This author also had twins and like me had to sit in their room at night to get them to go to sleep.  She would read fantasy whilst in there.......and what do I do? Blog of course!
I hope you enjoy our flower fairies.
We got some inspirations from

A variety of fairies you can make!
Most materials required with the exception of a pipe cleaner, pom poms, some beads and some buttons.  We also used hot glue as it was easier but you could use either.  You only really need it to glue on hair and head wear.
Step 1:  Pull apart your pretend flowers separating the petals.
Step 2:  Enlarge the hole in the petal where the stem went through.
Step 3:  Choose a few petals to make your fairy skirt and then slide them over the top of your clothes peg.
Step 4:  Wrap a pipe cleaner around it's middle leaving 2 length's either side to use for arms.
Step 5:  Add some beads to the pipe-cleaners to give them a bit more interest
Step 6:  Finish the top of her dress with more petals and add any extra flourishes that take your fancy.
Step 7:  Add some hair.

Step 8:  Add a face
Step 9:  Add a head piece.  In this one I used some buttons to make a bit of a hat crown.  Others we have used more petals (the smaller inner ones) the sky's the limit really.
Step 10:  Wings go on next.  You can use leaves, petals, wired Ribbon, butterflies etc.  On this one leaves and a bit of white foliage was used.
Step 11:  Stick on some shoes if you want.  We just added some very small pompoms to the feet to look a bit like shoes.
And there you have it the finished product.  A cute Fairy!

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