Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crayon / Oil Pastels and Food Colour Paintings

Now these were fun but may I suggest the organiser of the food colour wear gloves!!!

All you need is:
  • Food colour (various colours)
  • White paper (we used cartrige paper)
  • Brushes
  • Water
  • Oil Pastels
  • Paint pallette or similar
  • Disposable gloves
  • Something to cover the surface you are using

  1. Draw a picture / shape etc on the piece of paper with Crayon or Oil Pastels
  2. Prepare your food colour (put on gloves) We just added a couple of drops to the pallette and a little water to the food colour.  You could use it straight but I preferred to mix a bit a water into it.  Feel free to mix the colours together to get any colour you prefer.
  3. Now let them use a paint brush (one for each colour) and cover their work in different colours. 
  4. Let them dry!
I think, as you can see from below, they turn out fabulous :)

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