Monday, June 9, 2014

Mixed Media Canvas City Scape

Logsy's City Scape Mixed Media

My son is almost 6 now and he loved making this one.

What you will need:

1 x Canvas
Gesso or white paint
Other coloured paint of your choosing
Ink Pad
Pastel Black Pencil
Stencils (or whatever you want to use to add texture)
Old book (mine was from the op shop with yellowing pages)
PVA or Gel Medium
Baby wipes or wet cloth
Card Stock


1.  Rip some pages out of a book and glue all over the canvas.  It doesn't matter if it's completely covered or if there are a few gaps between pieces.

2.  Cover with a light layer of Gesso or white paint.  Rub some off until you like the way it looks.  Now add some other paint colour(s) doing the same thing until you like the way it looks.  We used fingers to add it in small circular motions and then used a baby wipe to remove the excess.

3.  Add some different elements such as stamping on the background with ink and stencils or similar with different patterns.

4.  Now cut or rip some city / house building shapes including windows and doors using card stock.  Rub the edges of each item through the ink pad to add some black to all edges.  Glue the items onto the canvas in a pattern that suits you.  Cut out other things to add to you picture such as a sun or clouds, birds etc.  If you want to add some more black go around the edge with a black pastel pencil and rub the edges for a bit of a "smudged" "shaded" effect once glued and dried.

5.  Finally cover with a layer of PVA, Mod Podge, Polymer varnish, Gel medium or whatever to seal it.  

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did :)

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