Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Large Newspaper Stuffed Fish

These are really easy to make and so effective. I was really proud of Marli for what she achieved here. She really enjoyed it and this was evident by her continuing it until it was finished. Just the standard kinder grade paint was used.

You can do so much to decorate these. We started with crayons .... although oil pastels would be better. I did the outline of the fish and cut out 2 the same (these were done on butchers paper). I then flipped over one and we did some decorations with the crayons. We then painted them and added some glitter glue and some plain glitter. A couple of large cut out eyes and here they are drying. Once they have dried we will assemble them.

Here is the finished product. I think I would go round all the edges with masking tape (on the inside) before putting it together if I were to use butcher paper again. The paper is quite flimsy and thus prone to tearing when stuffing it. I only did the top edge to give it stability and strength to hang it. All edges would be much better. Anyway I also ended up using paper towel (can you believe we didn't have a newspaper in the house!) which is particularly good for the smaller area's such as the mouth as it's much softer.

Load up the stapler because you need lots of staples to put it together properly. You certainly don't want paper peeking through in between the gaps. Good enough to hang up her brothers sea themed room!

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