Friday, July 2, 2010

Fairy Garden

This fairy garden was a lovely addition to our home. The pot is plastic and it's filled with soil. Amateur succulents planted around a pond and garden path. Pink icy pole sticks created a wonderful fence whilst a spray painted coke bottle with icy pole stick roof created the perfect fairy house.

Later a bridge made from icy pole sticks, paint and glitter created a beautiful feature to go over the pond. Coloured sand came from bunnings for the path and a few scatters created a bit more interest.

A little water in the pond over some glass stones, some spray painted glitter rocks and some freshly picked daisy's completed the picture. We have since added some more fairies to the look. A lovely little garden for my daughter to learn to care for. And very simple.


  1. How did you make the Fairy House?

  2. Hi, the house was made with an empty plastic bottle cut down to the right size and a doorway cut out. I then spray painted it silver and glued coloured icy pole sticks around the top to create a roof. I used hot glue. I then added PVA and glitter to the icy pole sticks to add some sparkle. Cheers