Sunday, April 10, 2011

Terracotta Pot LollIpop Easter Egg Baskets

These will make great gifts for easter and thanks to for the idea.

What you will need:
  1. Paint the terracotta pot
  2. Cover the stem of lollipop in green tissue paper (or green ribbon or equivalent)
  3. Enlarge the flower template so that it is bigger than the head of the lollipop and then cut it out.
  4. Tape or Glue the Flower onto the head of the lollipop.  You can add another flower or circle to the inside of the lollipop if you feel the lollipop itself isn't enough.
  5. Cut out one or 2 leaves out of green paper and add a message for the person it was made.  When finished Sticky tape it onto the covered stem.
  6. Finish decorating the dried pot with some decorations of your choosing.  We used flower cut outs.
  7. Add some tissue paper of your colour choice to the pot and then half fill with pebbles so that the lollipop is stable.
  8. Finish off by filling the remainder of the pot with small easter eggs. 
A lovely gift to give a loved one this easter. xx

The pot above had an accident and had to be reglued with PVA.  To reinforce it further I covered the whole thing in red tissue paper.  There was lots of tears about the broken pot so we needed a quick fix.  Turned out ok all things considered.  Maybe I should have been a recontructive surgeon.....NOT!

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