Friday, July 23, 2010

Sea Life Window

These lovely little windows are quick and easy (once you have gotten the hang of stopping the contact from bunching).

  1. Cut out the pieces you want to use on your picture (cellophane and tissue paper are the best as you can see the light coming through)

  2. Cut out the centre of some card so that you create a frame

  3. Cut a piece of clear contact and stick it onto the frame leaving it sticky side up so that the other papers can be stuck to it. **This is where you would normally build the picture front to back (fish first, then sea weed and finish with water) so that you have the picture completely within the frame but for a 4 year old it's hard to work backwards so we did it the other way. This is why you will see some of the picture overlapping the frame:)

  4. Now create your masterpiece. We put the blue cellophane horizontally for the water and the green cellophane vertically to create some sea weed. A few pieces of bubble wrap created some bubbles coming out of the mouths of the fish. Solid paper for the fish themselves with metallic paper indented with lines for mouth, fins and tail.

  5. Now add a layer of contact to the top of your picture, hold it up to the light (natural or otherwise) and voila...... a work of art!

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