Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Butterfly kids craft with lentil trees / leaves

Materials needed:
  1. Brown paper (tree trunk)
  2. A couple of different papers for butterfly wings
  3. Decorations / circles etc for wings (optional)
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue
  6. Pipecleaners (antenna)
  7. Lentils

Cut out some tree trunk shapes using the brown paper and stick onto your background sheet.

Cut out 2 sets of wings in different colours.  Each pair of wings is a direct mirror image of each other so you need to cut out the shapes 2 at a time (2 pieces of paper on top of each other to cut an exact replica)

See the 2 sets above.  Glue these down onto the paper with slight gap between them where you will place the butterfly body.  Decorate the wings further if you wish using circles or whatever.

Cut out 2 body oblong body shapes to fill the gap you left between the wings.

See them glued onto each butterfly above.

Roll the top of each end of a pipecleaner to create some antenna.  

Glue antenna onto the top of each body.

Butterfly number 2.

If you have been using a glue stick it's time to change to regular PVA for sticking on the lentils.  Choose where you want to group them and use it liberally to make sure that lentils will stick.

I finished them off by cutting out their names to add to their work.

Nicely done kids!

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