Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lion Mask activity with add on nose and rolled mane

Step 1:  Paint the paper plate with a lion type colour

Step 2:  Print off this Tigers/Lions nose (you can download it also from ( and then cover in the paint colour of your choice.

Step 3:  Cut some strips of paper to use as a mane.  We chose orange, brown and yellow.

Step 4:  Pre roll the strips of paper to make the mane curly (although you could do this once the mane was glued on)

Step 4:  Assemble the mask.  Glue the curled paper strips around the edge of the painted plate.  Glue on the nose that was painted and cut out (fold over the tabs and glue them down somewhere in the middle of the plate).  Use a few pipe cleaners to make a mouth and whiskers.  Cut out some eyes and stick on a icypole stick (or similar) to the back of the plate (we joined 3 together).

And here are my 2 and a half year old boys with their completed masks.  Now they can really roar like a lion.....their favourite pass time!

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