Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas Craft Ideas: Santa, Stockings, Chrismas train Mural and Snowmen

These are what we made around Christmas but I didn't have time to put down the steps to create them.  Most are pretty easy and you will get the gist just by looking at the pics.
Enjoy :)

Santa:  A little difficult to explain but mainly just a cone shape with legs, arms and face added.

Christmas train mural:  Trees were create by tearing out triangle shape, a rectangular trunk shape and adding some decorations.  The train was drawn carriages that were painted over the top of pastels/crayons.  The paint was watered down.  Then glitter and photos were added.  Linked together by ribbon,  Precut foam flowers for the fields.  A few dodgy looking clouds and star stickers completed the picture.

The snowmen equalled 2 round circles one larger than the other.  A few bits and pieces to create faces and buttons.  Pipe cleaners or sticks for arms.  A hat and your done!

Stockings:  Cut out a couple of stocking shapes and then let them do whatever they want.  We used glitter, paper cut outs, pom poms foam etc

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